Sunday, February 12, 2012

Japan in New Jersey

I know Mitsuwa, the largest Japanese supermarket in the USA, is not a secret. But lots of people I know who live in the New York area have no idea about it, so I have to share it here. We stopped there last night on our way back from a morning of skiing at Mt. Peter, which I will also have to write about later this week. Mitsuwa is right in between the GW Bridge and the Lincoln Tunnel, and it is on River Road, which means it's right on the Hudson, and looks straight over to the city. Also on that road are Trader Joes and Whole Foods, so it is almost worth a car rental if you don't have a car, and to spend a whole day loading up  on everything. What's so fun about Mitsuwa is not just the shopping, it's the food court. You can eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there--there are lots of restaurants, and all of the food looked amazing. Seriously, you'll leave there after even just an hour and you'll think you went to Japan, and had access to the non-touristy side of it.

What we loaded up on:
They have a whole aisle just for dried udon and soba and other noodles. There's also frozen versions, and fresh versions, and those have their own aisle too.
The miso paste. An entire 6 foot by 5 foot refrigerated section just filled with miso paste.

The Echigo gluten-free beer! And while we didn't buy the single serving sake, I love the way it looks. Would be a nice stocking stuffer. Of course there are tons of sake options.

The sushi-grade fish, which we ate today for lunch.

The rice, the mochi balls....I could go on, and on.

Make sure before you leave that you buy the Japanese cream puffs, which are $1.50 each, and are seriously out of this world.


  1. I see that there is a location of Matsuwa in San Jose, CA. My daughter is in Palo Alto and she will go crazy over this store. Thanks for the post.

  2. That's it: I'm going there this weekend.