Wednesday, February 22, 2012

NYC Daytrip Options: Westpoint, Mt. Peter, and More

A couple of weeks ago we went skiing at Mt. Peter, which is a great option for day trip skiing from NYC. There are free beginner classes, private lessons on the hour (but book ahead if you’re going on a weekend—the 11am is super popular!), just plain old skiing if your kids are ready to be on their own, and there’s a nice bar for the parents to hang out in. Since it’s just a day trip, and the lift tickets and equipment can get expensive, and the slopes aren’t that great for a serious skier, it almost doesn’t make sense for the parents to ski. There’s also a nice outdoor burger and hot dog stand where they do them on the grill…But I digress…so many of our friends don’t know what to do just outside of the city…and I think none of them know about the Westpoint Museum. This is an easy drive and almost on the way home from Mt. Peters. If there’s any interest in military history in your family, this is such a great museum. It really covers all of the wars that Americans have been involved in, and it does it well. And after looking at their site, I've learned they have "what is considered to be the oldest and largest diversified public collection of miltaria in the Western Hemisphere." It's also a lot closer than Gettysburg (not that I'm naysaying Gettysburg--it's just not an hour away from NYC).

Other points of interest in this area:
Blooming Hill Farm, Woodbury Commons, Storm King (opens April 4), Woody’s Burgers, Bear Mountain for hiking, lake swimming, if you’re there in the summer, and Mitsuwa, which is in the post just before this one.

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