Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Winter Break Ideas: So Cal

As much as I love Northern California, unless I'm thinking about skiing, I don't want to head there in February. Since I live in New York, in an ideal world (read, fantasy), I would want to go somewhere that is 70 degrees and upwards, and has a pool that is nicely heated. Here are some spots that I wouldn't say no to...

The Ace Hotel, Palm Springs
We got married here 14 years ago, and haven't ever been back with Clara. I think it's time. And the place we stayed way back when, L'Horizon, doesn't take kids, so I can dispense with nostalgia, and head straight to the Ace, which I think looks like the perfect spot for us.

Venice Beach Eco Cottages
I haven't stayed here, but I sure would love to stay in walking distance of Abbot Kinney where two of my favorite restaurants, Gjelina and Shima, and two of my favorite stores, A+R and Tortoise, are.

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego
This just looks like a great family resort, that has all of the old-school-ness that I love.

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  1. Hotel del Coronado looks very beautiful. Northern California have many good places to stay for a vacation, specially ski resorts.