Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter Break Ideas: Florida

I'm always desperate to get away to somewhere warm for the February break...but really, who isn't? Which is why pretty much every year we end up going somewhere that isn't warm, but maybe has an indoor pool, and lots of good indoor activities in close proximity. (Last year it was Philadelphia.) Because as much as I like to plan, the proximity of holiday planning to winter break planning is just too close, and the holidays win out. Will I ever learn that you book winter break trips a year in advance? Anyway, here are some places that look good to me, in Florida. I'll try to post a couple of other winter break roundups this week, in other warm-weather states.

Postcard Inn, Islamorada (The closest key to Miami!) Last year I recommended their place in St. Petersburg, and several families I know went and loved it. This looks pretty fantastic.

The Colony Hotel and Cabana Club, Delray Beach

The Pelican Inn, Dog Island (Panhandle)

The Gasparilla Inn and Club (Gulf side, near-ish to Fort Myers)
Yes, this one is the most expensive one I will list. I am dying to go here.

Seaside (Florida Panhandle)

Casa Marina in Jacksonville, Florida

Everglades Rod and Gun Club ( Everglades City--a backwater fried-fish type of place. You can take fan boats around the Everglades and see alligators and giant snakes and beautiful migratory birds.)

Hawks Cay
This is a resort with a capital R. Normally I'm not a fan of places like this, but I have friends who went there, and don't like resorts, and were crazy for it. Not cheap.


  1. Hi Yolanda, you have a great blog here. I am a travel blogger from the Philippines and stumbled upon your blog through the NY Times feature. Great travel ideas you have shared and a great photo collections to share. I am novice photographer and a writer in my 1 year old blog called Journeys and Travels.

    Anyways, thank you for your blog posts. Keep on inspiring bloggers like me. From across the seas, sending you and your wonderful family the blessings of joy, love and prosperity.

    1. thank you so so much!!!! it makes it all worthwhile when i get emails like this!

    2. I love the way you write and this one particularly made my day yesterday when i read it.

      Thank you for your wonderful and inspiring stories.

  2. I live in Florida. I lived in Delray Beach for 15 years. Great spot!! Ton's of restaurants! Happy hour during the week and sometimes on food too! Best beach with cabana available to rent for the day for the sun shy.
    15 minutes from Boca Raton amazing shopping! One hour from Miami and 45 minutes from Palm beach! Delray is hopping! Oh and the Colony hotel will allow your dog to come along as well!

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