Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Winter Getaway: Fairmont Chateau Montebello

We arrived here late Monday afternoon, and wow, it is such an amazing property.  First, it's the world's largest log cabin.  It was built in 1930, as a private club, and became a hotel in 1970.  It has a lobby that has a fireplace right smack in the center, that I think is 6 sided,  and is 4 stories tall.  The furniture is great--nothing seems shabby, even though it seems vintage.  The scale of everything is so awesome.  It has a massive dining room, with fantastic artwork and totem poles, that surround a stage.  The rooms are smaller and cozy, but you aren't here to spend tons of time in your room.  It's the kind of place you come to experience the outdoors (cross-country skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, dog sledding, horse sleigh rides, tubing, curling)...and then there's the beautiful indoor pool.  I think it must be so lovely here in the summer too.  The food is really good (and so is the Molson Dry beer on tap)--they use local and organic as much as possible (this is actually a Fairmont standard).  More to come tomorrow.

(all pictures from matthew hranek )

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