Thursday, February 18, 2010

Parc Omega

We've been to alot of zoos.  Some are better than others, for sure...but the Parc Omega , about 10 minutes drive from where we are staying in Montebello, Quebec, is probably the most awesome one we've ever experienced.  Here's what it is:  a huge wildlife park, that you drive through.  When you enter, you can put your radio station to 88.1, and have a guided tour.  Within minutes, there are huge elk surrounding your car, mouthing at your windows, waiting for you to roll them down, and feed them carrots.  It doesn't get old.  You move on, and all the while, you are driving through a very natural landscape--there are no fences...the animals really just roam.  Next we came upon alot of wild boar, and then it was caribou, and red tailed deer. Then the largest bison I've ever seen...and babies.  And mountain goats.  There are wolves and bears too, in a very natural environment, but they are fenced off. I only wish we brought more carrots so we could have kept on feeding was such a blast--having wild animals put their faces into our car, and slobbering all over the windows.

(photos Matthew Hranek )

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