Monday, January 11, 2010

For the Stockholm Files

My friend Stephanie is going to Stockholm this weekend, and asked for my greatest here goes:
Dinner at PA&Co.   It's probably my favorite restaurant ever.  Get the cookbook, even though its not in English--its so beautifully laid out, and thoroughly inspiring.  Since you aren't there with your child, I won't send you to Skansen, which is worth a trip to Sweden in itself, if you are there in the warmer months, and with your child...but I will send you to Tuss, to buy her a present.  It's one of the nicest kids clothing shops, and it's on a very nice street to walk up.  Right near there is Svenskt Tenn,  the Josef Frank shop, also a necessary stop.  I think the nicest things to buy there are the little trays--I like the red one with white elephants on it--and I like the Josef Frank print shoulder bags.  I also love Lisa Elmquist, in the Ostermalm Market Hall, for lunch.  

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