Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Winter Getaway: Rosewood Mayakoba

I can't believe it's almost two years since we went to the Rosewood Mayakoba.  It had just opened up when we went, and from what I hear, it's just getting better.  I think it is truly a fantastic property, and would really recommend it...it works well for families that want to have some alone time as a couple, families travelling with any age children, or just couples.  Here's what I like about it:  It's so easy to get there.  Most major cities have flights into Cancun--from there it's about 45 minutes to get to the resort.  There really is no need to rent a car (they'll come pick you up)--and if you're coming to this property, you're more than likely looking for a resort experience, not day trips to Tulum, Valladolid, or Merida. (That's a different trip.)  You come here because it's so good, you  really just want to stay put.  All of the rooms are stand alone suites, and they all face water, most of them the lagoon, and some of them the ocean.  Now most of the time, I would prefer the ocean view, if price was no object, but here, I have to say I prefer the lagoon view, and it's so much cheaper.  Here's why:  your view onto the lagoon, ends at the lush mangroves, where there are all types of birds nesting and landing.  No one can walk in front of your suite, and many of them have their own plunge pools. It's a view like no other--whereas a view of the beach, (and it isn't a quiet beach in the middle of nowhere) can be more distracting--you might see boats, jet-skis, people walking in front of your villa.  

(that's the living room half of our messy suite, where clara slept)

(that's the amazing view of the lagoon, mangroves, and the plunge pool is out there too)
The next reason I love this place:  the architecture and interior design are really well done--nothing seems dumbed down.  Moving on:  I love the kids club, and the beach club.  The kids club is really so well designed and managed--it's right next to the beach restaurant, and the beach pool, so the kids don't feel like they are at the opposite end of the resort, and in a dark room that used to be the gym.  It's light-filled, and the people working there love kids, and the activities they do are actually fun...they make pinatas, collages...it's very interactive, and creative.  Never once did they put on a DVD for Clara.  When she wanted to come out and say hi, they brought her to us, and then she was really happy to go back to the club.  One night we wanted to go out on our own, and the babysitter they arranged for us was the woman who ran the kids club, so there was no issue with having to introduce a stranger to Clara.  

(that's the kids club on the left, and this is shot from the pool area)

(that's the kids pool, with beach restaurant behind, and kids club on distant left)
Lastly, the margaritas, and the tequila selection, were stellar...and the food was really great.  We loved the breakfasts, and the simpler Mexican food the most.  I know the spa is supposed to be amazing too, but we didn't try it out.  I would say you could come here for even four days, and feel so happy, that it could seem like you were gone seven.   Depending on your dates and how many people are in your family, you can now buy 4 nights and get the 5th night free (and there's even availability during winter break--I just checked!), and for a Lagoon Suite King,  it will run around $590 a night.  I have seen it less than $500 too, but I think it all depends on when you go.

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