Saturday, January 9, 2010

Need a Toothbrush in Amsterdam?

I have never seen a store like De Witte Tandenwinkel anywhere--which  specializes in dental care and oral hygiene products. They're in the middle of the charming shopping area, The Nine Streets, so if you find yourself in Amsterdam, go have a look.  I like how they describe themselves: 

In 1980, when we founded our store, the common belief was that it was inevitable that at middle age most of one's teeth are to be lost. Gradually it became known that, with proper care, one's teeth often can last a lifetime. In our store we taught our customers how to clean their teeth effectively and offered them the right utensils to do the job, which were scarce then. Much has improved since: Nowadays even the local supermarket carries a reasonable assortment of dental care products. But for the consumer there is still not much choice, as the market is ruled by a couple of big brands. We do sell those brands, but also offer a well figured out selection of products, not easily to be found elsewhere.
People who enter our place, and see what it is stacked with, might think we are fanatics, but we’re not. Our environment is far from clinical. We like to convey the idea that dental maintenance need not be an annoying plight, but a way of caring that can even be pleasant. We offer solid and practical advice and are not obtrusive with that. We are there for the customer who needs a package of simple tooth-picks, a safe toothpaste that really whitens, wire brushes of 6,3 millimeters wide or the best electric toothbrush there is. We are also well known for our wide collection of gift articles like funny shaped toothbrushes. 

Opening Hours: Monday 13.00-18.00; Tuesday -Friday 10.00-18.00; Saturday 10.00- 17.00
De Witte Tandenwinkel Runstraat 5, 1016 GJ Amsterdam, The Netherlands tel: +31 (0)20 6233443

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