Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bagno Vignoni and the Big 40


I never really understood the hot spring phenomenon...I couldn't figure out if you had to go into a sanitarium-type clinic, or you could just go 'take the waters,' so I always steered clear.  But being with kids in an area prolific with thermal waters, I decided to stop being intimidated and to check it out.  We started at Bagno Vignoni, just a 10-minute drive from Terre di Nano through windy, cypress-lined roads and fields of hay.  Right by the parking lot (it's a flat town with no cars), there is an ancient mill area that have little trough-like streams with the thermal water running through (and lots of old ladies sitting on the side with their legs in it).  The girls loved it, and what's not to love about getting to put your feet in the warm water?  There's also a hotel there, the Hotel Posta Marucci,   where you can pay a fee to get all-day access to their thermal pool (open every day but Thursday).  It's divided into a warm part, and a hot part, and everyone has to wear a swim cap!  There is a sweet little stand where they make a great espresso.  Afterwards, we had one of our best lunches ever at Osteria del Leone.
The Roman bath of Bagno Vignoni.
The pool at Hotel Posta Marucci.
A furry new friend.

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