Friday, April 7, 2017

Ideas for Travels in Greece (Peloponnese Edition)

I love the Peloponnese, and would go back there again and again. It's so easy to get there, since you don't need to schedule any flights or just drive there from Athens. It's also a drive that is super easy to do, since there is a super highway between Athens and Kalamata. I'm just focusing on the Mani area in this post--that's the middle leg of the three legs that make up the base of the Peloponnese. It's super raw, has gorgeous beaches, and feels untouched...but has some nice, Greek owned, luxury properties.

Kyrimai...We loved this place...amazing location right on the water, lovely pool, decor, food...and in proximity to many beaches.

 Tainaron Blue (This opened since I was last there...and it looks insanely gorgeous. You're not on the beach, but you have the best views.)

Città dei Nicliani (I didn't stay here--and it's inland 4 km from Gerolimenas, but it seems like a lovely option...)

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