Sunday, May 1, 2016

Paradise for CHEAP!!!

Several years ago I went to Greece with the family for UK Traveller. We were on their dime, and staying at some really gorgeous properties. One day, we found ourselves in the smallest little town called Porto Kagio, on the water, in the Peloponnese, specifically, in the Mani area. We had one of the most perfect simple lunches of the whole trip, and afterwards, took a swim, just in front of the taverna. The taverna, called Akrotiri, advertised itself as having rooms above the restaurant, but we weren't looking at the time, so I kind of forgot about it. It always stayed with me as a place I'd go back to, on my own budget, but until just now, I never looked it up. We all know that websites don't do places justice, either for the good or the, take this all with a chunk of salt. But for the price (a room for four in the highest season is 80 euros and includes breakfast), and the location (you're 15 feet from the most idyllic water--so clean, so warm). It's a tiny little town--it's the only place to stay--so you have to want to be in the middle of nowhere! But you can book boat rides to take you to other magical beaches, and of course you should have a rental car, so you can do nice day trips. It's a perfect spot for at least a couple of days, and it's definitely the right price.

That's the little town of Porto Kagio shot from the road above...and the shots below are from around the area...

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