Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sullivan County Hot Tip

We have driven past this BBQ truck for a year, and never stopped--I don't know why--because nobody had told us about it I guess. Well, we recently heard from several sources that Big Kev's BBQ was a place we should stop. Last weekend we went to a pig roast where Big Kev's BBQ catered it, and it was amazing, so we made an effort to stop there this weekend. We picked up some ribs, coleslaw, and chicken. It was insane. Let's just say that even if I don't really know my BBQ, my husband does, and he kept on saying it was up there on the best he had list. There's a reason you don't see any food shots here--we wolfed it down. We are now going to have this be our spot we stop on our way up (great lunch or dinner) and then to pick up for Sunday dinner on our way back to the city. Call ahead to see what he has, so you don't get disappointed if it's all sold out. (It's on 17B between Monticello and White Lake.)

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