Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Maine Week: Migis Lodge

I'd read about the Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake for years and when we finally got a chance to go at the end of last summer, I was over the moon. It's kind of like the best summer camp you can imagine--all sorts of activities like paddle boarding, waterskiing, canoeing, tennis, shuffleboard...and then there's the gorgeous lake and lots of docks to jump off of and swim to...and a sauna at the end of the swim. It's family owned, and it feels like it from the second you walk in. There's nothing corporate about it--everyone that works there is in a good mood, has real conversations with you that aren't scripted, which might not seem surprising given that it's in Maine, and it's not anything like a resort...but because it's all inclusive and you pretty much never want to leave, the comparisons are natural, and the differences are huge. We went for two nights, and if we could have started working there and never left, we would have. It's a place that's worth saving up for—even if you only go a couple of days. We met one family that goes for three days every couple of years because it's what they can afford--but since they don't have to fly there--it actually evens out.

Love the old school menu with V-8 as an option...
Lunch served the trays.

 Some insane brownie dessert they make...and delicious cookie basket below.

 Tim the owner in the Migis Chris Craft, which they give tours on...around the lake.

Deets, the parrot, rules the front desk at Migis.

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  1. On my list of places to visit and photograph in Maine! Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing!