Thursday, June 13, 2013

Maine Week: Chebeague

Last summer we spent a couple of days on Chebeague Island, staying at the super charming Chebeague Island Inn. It's an island that, on the surface, seems like you could figure it out in a couple of hours, on a bike. On the first day, we actually wondered why we had committed to spending two whole days there, when there was, in my husband's words even "nothing to do". But somehow, like the Magic Mountain, Chebeague spoke to us, and by day two, we were committing to renting a house there later in the summer, for a whole week. Yes, it's an island in Maine, which means that you have to have a huge tolerance to cold to go swimming. But there is a town pool. No, there aren't loads of restaurants to check out. But that means that you get to know the people in town, because there are so few places to be. If you rent a house, you can call for lobster delivery, or clams...and it's cheap. Or you can get a permit and go clamming yourself. It's sleepy, it's slow, it's magical.

On the boat (water taxi) that we took from Portland to Chebeague. It's a 20 minute water taxi, and a much longer (and cheaper) ferry.

Above: some rooms and public spaces at the Chebeague Inn.

Their version of a corn dog: the corn lobster claw.

When they say "borrow", they mean it. You show up to Mac's on the first day you arrive on Chebeague, and you borrow a bike for as long as you're there. No cash is exchanged, ever. He just does it for the company.

Lots of good hermit crabbing happens on the beaches.

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