Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Hotel I'd Build a Trip to Turkey Around

I just read through the Travel section of the NY Times, read this article, and fell in love with this property, the Dionysos Hotel Kumlubuk in Turkey. It's in Marmaris, which is right across from the Dodecanese Islands in Greece, where I lived on an island for a year when I was in my late teens. It's a flight and a drive, but according to the article, it's an easy drive. What I like about the property is that it's on an organic farm, they make their own olive oil, it's 5 minutes to the sea, there's a pool, several restaurants...they can take you out on a boat...basically, it has all the elements of a 5 star resort...but with a very authentic, quality vibe. And it's not in the middle of nowhere--you can have all the pluses of a resort, but you can also drive around and experience Turkey. It reminds me of one of my favorite places, the Masseria Torre Coccaro, which is in Puglia.

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