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For President's Day weekend we ended up in Tulsa, as Clara's dad had an assignment there, and we tagged along. I asked some moms on Momfilter's Facebook page to give me some suggestions, so we could hit the ground running. Here are our finds from the weekend:

We stayed at the Hotel Mayo, a historical property that has undergone a nice renovation—it has some huge rooms with kitchens. It also has a fantastic coffee shop, Topeca, in the lobby—a Tulsa-based coffee company that's been in the same family since the 1800s, and they have their family farms in El Salvador.

Miss Jackson's is probably my favorite women's department store I've ever been to...the ground floor has an exquisite edit of housewares (even tea from Bellocq!) and sales associates that are gracious and informed about their product. On the second floor is the women's department, where the sales associates each have their own desk, and keep great notes on all of their clients. They know exactly who has bought what, for which occasion, and make sure that nobody who shops at Miss Jackson's is going to show up at an event wearing the same outfit as someone else. We were so in love with the place that one of the kind sales associates took us around on a little tour. On the third floor, there is a beauty salon.

Frankoma pottery comes from Oklahoma, and you can find it in the antique shops, flea market (there's a great one on Saturdays at the Expo Center), and at the junk shops. Yes you can find Frankoma all over the country, but here, you'll find it in colors you probably haven't seen before. Flea Market is on Saturday 8am-4pm 4145 E. 21st St. See the Driller (top picture)while you’re there.

Back Alley Blues and BBQ: decent and in downtown, although we preferred Wilson's, below.

Bison and Bear: Small men's shop in downtown area, with a great edit of clothing and products made locally. We also loved Edit on S. Peoria. When on S. Peoria (and not on a Sunday or Monday when they're closed,) you have to visit Weber's Root Beer Stand, which is supposedly the birthplace of the hamburger. The root beer is pretty killer too. There's also a great antique store just down the block called I-44 Antique Mall,at 5111 S. Peoria Ave.

Get your kicks on Route 66. We drove out towards Will Roger's birthplace (below), and found this amazing Blue Whale of Catoosa

We loved our high calorie meal at the Hammett House in Claremore, not far from the Dog Iron Ranch. Do get the onion rings, and do order dessert. Even if that's all you do.

We were fascinated by the child portraits on the walls of the Hammett House. Apparently its the work of a local portrait photographer and this is just advertising for them, and artwork for the restaurant. 

Antiquing is pretty good in these parts.

This is downtown, where there are numerous amazing deco buildings. This however is a mini version of the World Trade Center, done by the same architect. 
Amazing key lime pie from Queenie's, a locals' favorite spot for breakfast or lunch in Utica Square, an outdoor "mall" in the best sense of the word. It's where Miss Jackson's is, and a fantastic old school grocery store called Petty's Fine Foods. Good for walking around on a cold or rainy day. In between Utica Square and the Brookside neighborhood turn off of S. Peoria and drive up and down the side streets--such beautiful homes. This is the area where the Philips Museum is...

Other notes that I just don't have pictures to go with...
Coney Islander hot dogs
Cain’s Ballroom
Woodward Park for a walk and playground...
Gilcrease Museum (closed Monday)
Shop along Cherry Street, Utica Square, Brookside area which is Peoria between 31st and 45th streets
Atlas Grill downtown for breakfast (amazing salsa verde)
Juniper’s Restaurant: closed Sunday and Monday 3rd and Elgin downtown
Cancun for great Mexican
The Tavern: in the Brady area—deviled egg trifecta. Bacon popcorn.
Valkyrie for cocktails (right by the Tavern, but won't let kids in). 
Mod50s Modern owner is Maurice Powell 2921 E. 15th St (great mix of 20th century design and art—Heller plates, Creative Playthings rocking horse)
Stonehorse Care in Utica Square: delicious meatloaf "truck stop style" that they serve on mash and spinach huge shared 1 between 2 adults
Chimera in Brady area: coffee, cocktails
Generations: 4810 E. 11th St good antiquing on Rt. 66
American Heritage Antiques in Jenks 
Miss McGillicutty’s Antiques in Jenks 

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