Monday, July 16, 2012

Port Chester off I-95

A couple of weeks ago, we went on a road trip through Rhode Island and Maine, and just as we left the city, we were already hungry. We pulled off in a town called Port Chester, as my husband had remembered (mistakenly) that there was a good thrift store there. It was at most 5 minutes off of the highway, and we found ourselves on a main drag that had one Mexican restaurant after another. I looked up on Yelp to see which had been written about the most (I like Yelp as a tool only in this way--not to choose out of nothing, but when you are stuck, with no advice, it certainly has its value), and we decided on Los Gemelos. It was a great choice. We had such a great lunch--everything was super homemade--even the horchata. Even the way it was plated was nice. We agreed it was the best Mexican in the States that we have had outside of San Francisco.

On our way back to I-95, we drove past this very cute store and restaurant, called Tarry Market. We parked and ran in to get a coffee and explore. It's Joe Bastianich and Mario Batali owned, and it's like a very mini Eataly. I was very impressed with their selection of gluten-free pasta--an entire section with all these Italian brands I've never heard of. And the wine shop was great. A nice spot to stop and grab so provisions for the road, albeit on the fancy side. The restaurant next door looked very good too, although we were very happy with our choice, which by the way was $30 for three of us and we overate, and had some to spare.


  1. Ah. Glad to see you made it to my neck of the woods. Less than a mile down from the Tarry Lodge, going away from Portchester and towards Greenwich Ct. is a great beer distributor with a HUGE selection of craft beers.

  2. We went to Stone Barns yesterday in Pocantico Hills. Their cafe was mobbed and then we remembered your recommendation. Los Gemelos a 17 minute drive from Stone Barns, and you're so right -- absolutely delicious and reminded us of the best California Mexican. Then we went to Tarry Market, again per your post, and had olive oil gelato for dessert. Thank you.