Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kinnikinnick Farm, Illinois

I can't say enough good things about the Kinnikinnick Farm, which is about an hour and a half outside of Chicago, on the border of Wisconsin. We were there to check it out for Martha Stewart Living, and got to stay over for one night, on our way to do a shoot in Wisconsin. It's a part of the Featherdown Farms network—in a nutshell, very cool tents that are completely styled out by a Dutch company, in lovely farm settings. Farms in the Netherlands and the UK, and now in the US, buy into this network, and the agreement that comes along with it (basically that they have to offer a number of amenities, which all vary depending on the location). Guests are guaranteed that the style is of a high standard, and if they go to more than one Featherdown, they'll recognize the look is the same in each tent.  But beyond the lovely tents, what we loved about Kinnikinnick was meeting the owners, David and Susan, who immediately made us feel a part of the family. We had pizza night with their kids and grandkids, and then bagels the next morning. Goats were fed, eggs were gathered, hay bales were jumped on, and even a homemade rocket was launched. 


  1. I just heard about this in England and wanted to go so bad but air flight is so expensive. I just checked out their sight and there is one in California, which is completely doable for us since we road trip from L.A. to Big Sur, Santa Cruz, S.F. to the Smith River. I'm 100 percent shure this is going to be added to our road trip this year. Thank you so much for your blog, we have two kids and having a third soon and refuse to stop our travels. M.

  2. Looks like an azming experience for the kids...we go to Chicago often, perhaps I will consider this as a place to visit/sty on our next trip!