Friday, December 30, 2011

Greece Part 1

Last summer we went to the Peloponnese for 10 days, as my husband was assigned to photograph a travel story there. This was our first trip there together as a family, and I wanted to go to an island, as that seemed more like quintessential Greece to me. (I lived on the island of Kalymnos for about 6 months when I was 19 and 20.) But the assignment didn't include any islands, and we didn't have time on either side to add any in, so the Peloponnese it was.  What a wonderful surprise it was--I would say it might be the most perfect introduction to Greece, as it offers everything, but involves no ferry or plane schedules to work around. On our first day, we landed around 10am, and were at the temple in Corinth by lunch. Then we drove by the Corinth Canal, and then about an hour to Mycenae. We ended the day in Nafplia, a town that is close enough to Athens that it attracts wealthy Athenian weekenders, so it's a little on the price-y side, but since it isn't a big tourist town, it feels like a find. We stayed at the Nafplia Palace, a modernist property done in the 60s, which was on the top of the town, with amazing views. Our guidebook the whole trip? This is Greece


  1. I love your blog. Cup of Jo sent me here. So glad she did. I adore This is Greece. I travel to Greece regularly. Next trip will include Paris (with a kid--a big kid). I hope you keep blogging on this subject of kids and travel.

    dmts50 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  2. Hello, I too made it here from Cup of Jo. I had to leave a note because I saw in your sidebar that you were the travel editor for Cookie Magazine. The travel stories in Cookie Magazine were my favorite. Our family has taken at least 4 of the trips recommended and loved every minute of it (we started with a trip to Shelbourne Farms!). So thank you!

  3. Hello,

    I hope you know what a lifeline your blog is. I'm planning three trips this year with our two year old, all of which I have taken directly from here (I just booked the Antigua resort you wrote about!) Now your Greece trip is on my wish list. Keep up the fabulous work.

  4. hello to you lovely commenters. you all make my day when you write in and tell me these things, so a big thank you. i'm so glad that the information lives on, and that i can be helpful.