Thursday, April 21, 2011

We Love Pennsylvania (Part 1)

A couple of weekends ago I went with Matt (I know, this is Travels With Clara--but sometimes you have to go away with just your husband) and we decided to go back to the Bedford Springs area, which is in the southwestern-ish part of the state. We had been to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort a year and a half ago (with Clara) and loved it. We knew the food was good at the property, and that there were tons of antique stops along the way, so we put the seats flat in the back of the car (you know, for more room for all the crap we were going to collect), and took off. Since we are the most ambitious squeeze-as-much-in-a-weekend people that we know, I'm going to break up what we did into a week's worth of posts, since you could probably do just one leg of what we did, and it would work as a relaxing weekend, or overnight trip. First stop was Lancaster, where we rushed to the Lancaster Central Market (you can read more about the town in this post!) because we were starving. We got an amazing hoagie (shoot, I can't remember, is that what they call it?!) at S. Clyde Weaver, and then headed to their antique row. If you wanted to make a trip out of Lancaster, you could overnight at the Cork Factory Hotel. It's right next to the Lancaster Science Factory, which looks really amazing, although I didn't go.
We loved all these vintage kids' clothes at Hinesite Vintage in Lancaster.
Have you ever had corn shoots? We bought a bag at the Lancaster Market.
 We fell in love with this dollhouse at an antique store on N. Queen St. (between E. Walnut and E. Lemon streets are where most of them are). Apparently, an old woman brought this dollhouse in to the shop, told them her father had made it when she was a little girl living in Germany, and they brought it to the States with them when they moved. Everything was made by her dad--even the windows were glass! We bought it for $70.
A stall at Building Character on N. Queen St.

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