Thursday, March 3, 2011

Old City Philadelphia

I don't think we've been in a cuter ice cream parlor ever. And the ice cream was so creamy and delicious. This place has been around since 1904, and is a must-stop if you come to Philadelphia. For the lowdown on a perfect weekend in Philly, click here.

 Within walking distance to the Franklin Fountain is the Betsy Ross Museum. 


  1. I'm loving your posts on Philly! I visit a dear friend in Philadelphia each September and we've never been to see any of these places! I believe I have a new sightseeing agenda for this year's trip - thanks!!! :)

  2. just went to philadelphia old city yesterday with my oldest daughter and used your guide. even though i'm a native philadelphian, it was so helpful. next time you are there, you have to go to talulah's garden, it is off washington square and i think pretty new. it's if anthropologie was a restaurant and backed by steven starr. food was so fantastic and atmosphere wonderful. we sat outside at the communal table.