Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Venice Apartments that Inspire a Trip to Venice

I haven't taken Clara to Venice yet. I know she'd love it, but I just haven't been dying to go there. Until now. I just discovered this website of amazing apartments in Venice, and I think I'd go there even if just for them. This is the first one I clicked on--it's 1025 euros for a week, but can be booked for shorter stays. 
And how about this one ...I just sent an email to the company to see what's available during spring break!


  1. oh -- we just came back from venice (a week with two children ages 4 and 8) it was wonderful and the apartment we rented was perfect -- 3 floors, including the top floor with great views (sleeps as many as 8), 2 bathrooms, 3 minutes walk to St Marks, and owned by a very cool architect. In a 450 year old building that used to be the hotel for the San Zaccarhias Cathedral. Thanksgiving week was 850 euros...I found it on VRBO. If you do seriously consider taking Clara, email me, I will happily put you in touch.

  2. wow, that sounds fantastic. my email is yolanda@momfilter.com--love to know more about it! THANKS!!