Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Seaport Without the Mall

We've always wanted to check out the New Amsterdam Market by the Seaport, but never made it there until this Sunday. It happened to be themed "coffee and chocolate" so there were all kinds of passionate coffee and chocolate vendors I'd never heard of, a porchetta sandwich stand from Porchetta (delicious and $5), Saxelby Cheese, and a duck farm from upstate . Of course there was more than that, but that was what we stopped at. It is outside and on the water, so it can be very cold, but the people are very nice and it has a nice vibe, and there is parking right there. Afterwards, you could head across the street to one of our favorite wine shops, Pasanella and Son , and pick up some lambrusco (there's one that has a cloth-like label and looks great--perfect for gifts) for the holidays.  

This Sunday our friend Anne has who has a farm upstate (Old Field Farm/Art and Agriculture ) will be there. I was going to edit down her list of everything they'll have there, but I decided to just cut-and-paste. That way you can see everything they'll have, and you can pre-order some of their amazing pork. I'm going if just to buy some pig-fat soap.

"This year's Humble cuts include our Bacon, Pancetta, Rillettes, Headcheese, Pate de Campagne and fresh Toulouse Sausage.

 We will be bringing a few Noble Cuts on pre-order, for pick up at the Market. $7.00 per pound
 Loin Rack (bone in) average 5 - 10 lbs.
Whole spare Ribs average 3 lbs
Whole Shoulder Roast, skin on, bone in, 10 - 15 pounds
Noble Cuts were deep frozen immediately after butchering last week.  They should be kept frozen until use, and then defrosted in the fridge.
Please email if you wish to reserve Roasts or Ribs for which we have limited stock.  We should have plenty of stock on the Humble side, but the Nobles are very first come, first served.
We have amazing ceramics from Natsuko Uchino and Paula Greif - trays, platters, water and syrup vessels, honey pots, bootleg cups, and terrine pots.
We will also be bringing in our honey, maple syrup, delicious and beautiful free-range eggs, tisanes, purification sets of home grown luffas, pig fat soap, smudge sticks, copper age brooms, a few radical books for your holiday enjoyment and more."

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