Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Normandy Week: Bayeux+Port-en-Bessin

On this last trip to Normandy, I did a ton of research, as we were going for a feature story, and I had to check out a lot of different properties, activities, and restaurants. And I'm here to tell you that even travel editors make mistakes. As much research as you can do, there's always going to be a flop in there somewhere. This happened a couple of times on this trip--one of them being the Normandy Barriere in Deauville, and the other being a beautiful chateau called Ferme de la Ranconniere, that looked amazing on the website, and according to Trip Advisor reviews, was a total gem.  Let's just say that we left after one night (checking out on Easter, and scrambling on Easter morning to find a replacement hotel), and once again, having a folder with research done on the area totally saved us. I called a property called Le Chenevriere , which is in between the towns of Bayeux and Port-en-Bessin. Luckily they had a room for us.  It was a little more than we wanted to spend, but it was so perfectly located, and it was available.  
above pictures Le Chenevriere.
The fish market in Port-en-Bessin, amazing. Bulots which are the snail looking shell are so delicious. Port-en-Bessin is great for its market, looking at the boats in the harbor, going in and out of all the nautical shops (great striped shirts abound--our favorite shop was Port Marine J. Durand), and delicious seafood restaurants.
Our favorite restaurant in Port-en-Bessin, Le Bistro d'a Cote--where we ate 2 nights in a row. They had a kids play area upstairs, kids menu, and the prices were so cheap. We learned that the best seafood is usually not on the main drag--this is on a side street with no view of the harbor. 
A lacemaker shop we saw in the middle of Bayeux. Apparently they make lace for many of the couture houses of Paris. And they don't allow photos, as we quickly discovered.
 Super  impressive cathedral of Bayeux
Just around the corner from the museum that houses the Bayeux Tapestry, which is incredible, and was the first place we ever used a audio tour (well worth it)...
A friend of mine who is from Normandy said I had to go to this pastry shop in Bayeux, La Reine Mathilde. 
The Public Garden of Bayeux. A lovely place to wander around.

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  1. I'm staying at the Normandy Barriere in June. Is that a mistake?