Thursday, October 7, 2010

One Day in Zurich

We had an afternoon in Zurich before we flew back to New York, and unfortunately, it was on a Monday. Learn from our mistake--don't plan on seeing Zurich (well, walking around and shopping) on a Monday, as many shops are closed. We still had a lovely day, and probably saved ourselves some money. See below for our highlights from the day:
The carousel in the square right by the best toy store, Pastorini Spielzug.
Save your bread scraps in Zurich--always a hungry swan nearby.
One of our favorite places to buy teas, Schwarzenbach, but since it was Monday, only the cafe was open.
This is a Swedish store, but we still like to wander into it, even in the guest and birthday books.

Globus has a nice food hall, and big store, but we like the grocery part of it the most...especially this pizza packaging.
 Very cool store in the old town (Aldstadt).
 How cute is this teddy bear store in the old town?
This is one of our favorite toy stores of all time. Four floors of creative play. 
Very cool home store. We bought a bread board there years ago, and we love it.
Silber is the kind of store like how Ad Hoc used to be in NYC many years ago. Always something you've never seen before. This time, we discovered tongs for tea candles. Love them.

A very traditional spot good for beer and weisswurst.
Sprungli is one of the chicest chocolate shops, and we always bring home a couple of bars as presents. This trip we also discovered the gelato, which was a huge hit.
While they have a couple of these shops in the city of Zurich, you can also find it at the airport. Our favorite find is the Edelweiss head scarf, and there are some really cute wooden toys as well.
While this picture doesn't tell the story of this restaurant, the Kronenhalle is one of the best restaurants we've ever been to. It definitely has the grandest art collection, but what makes us want to go back if we ever find ourselves in Zurich, is the spirit of the room, the staff, and the delicious food. We always get the avocado vinaigrette, and love it every time.
The market across from the hotel (below) has such lovely fresh produce, and we loved the way this farmer put his garden roses into tin cans.

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