Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Charged Batteries Make Life Better

When we flew to Zurich on this last trip, my husband begged me to fly Delta, since he has status with them, and needs all the miles he can get to keep that status. Personally, I never want to fly a US carrier to Europe. I just think that the European carriers are consistently better, especially when you're flying in the back (which is me, most of the time). But this time, I gave in, and rather than flying Swiss, we flew Delta. On the way over, the flight was great--new plane, good entertainment system. But on the way back...it was awful. I sat down, and pointed out to Matt that the seatback had no TV, and mind you this was a 9 hour and 5 minute flight. Thank god I had charged Clara's DVD player, which bought us a solid 5 hours of entertainment. And luckily I had a full bottle of Bach Rescue Remedy, which helped me calm down (even though Matt swears it's just a placebo). The moral of the story is: always bring a DVD player--don't assume the airline will have a functioning in-flight entertainment system, and make sure that DVD player has a full charge. Oh, and fly Swiss if you can.

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