Thursday, September 16, 2010


As we drove through Heidiland (in Switzerland near Austrian border) we knew we had to go to the touristy Heidi Museum since Clara would love it, but we also wanted to find a place for lunch that was not a tourist trap. I asked Matt to drive up this mountain, just to see where the road took us. Turned out to be a good move, because we ended up in this little tiny town called St. Margarethen, which had maybe 10 houses, and lots of cows, and crazy views of the mountains. Talk about a real Heidi experience. All you could hear was the jingle of the cows' and goats' bells, and the views were amazing. We found a farmhouse that made the most perfect homemade lunch, and sold their own cheeses, butters, jams, and stuffed fur toy rabbits.  Then we headed down the hill to the town of Maienfeld, the official 'Heidiland', but also home to some of the best pinot noir we've ever tasted. If you get to this area, make sure you buy some to try, and some to bring back, because finding Swiss pinot noir in the States is not easy, and it's way more expensive...And the Heidi Museum and gift shop were actually pretty cute--goats wandering around (some of them butt the tourists, Clara included), nice Edelweiss cotton scarfs in the gift shop, and a pretty walk to and from the parking lot.
Above pictures all from the Buura Beizli farmhouse lunch stop.
All those inside shots are of the Heidi Museum, and were taken by Clara.

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