Thursday, June 24, 2010

NYC Afternoon

Last week we had friends in town and spent the afternoon in Midtown with them. It was one of those days where we didn't know if it was going to pour rain, so we didn't want to completely commit to an outdoor or an indoor activity. I suggested we meet at the Oyster Bar in Grand Central, so the kids could have some chowder, and afterwards do the Whispering Wall. Service was so slow at the Oyster Bar, so we decided to beat it and find dessert elsewhere. Down into the food court we went, and got some delicious Ciao Bello gelato. After that, we headed out to Bryant Park, which was super close--very important when walking with 5 adults and 3 kids. The carousel was fun for them (when do carousels stop being fun for kids?!) and we sat around and talked while they went around and around. 
(that's the reading area for families at Bryant Park, next to the carousel.)

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