Sunday, May 16, 2010

Our Idea of Heaven: Tartine Bakery SF

Doesn't that look like it might be the world's best almond croissant? Well, it is. But I think anything at Tartine is probably the best in the world. This is a necessary stop whenever we go to San Francisco.

p.s. if you're a regular reader, you will know i am in london, and you're probably wondering "why is she writing about sf?" ...well, it turns out i forgot my cable to transfer my pictures from my camera to the laptop, and oh, i forgot my laptop too (clearly i didn't follow my own travel organization instructions). and now, we may end up being delayed in coming home because of the ash cloud that is hovering over parts of england. long explanation for why i am putting up a post i had scheduled for later next week...


  1. That croissant looks so delicious! Hope the ash cloud allows you to get home soon.
    Little funny: my 3 year old said "Mama the volcano remoted and now there is pink lemonade everywhere".
    Safe travels,

  2. thanks tina! i made it back--only an hour-ish delay...! love 'volcano remoted' !
    best, yolanda