Tuesday, May 11, 2010

London's Calling: Planning It

We leave for London this Wednesday night, and come home on the following Monday. It's a short trip, so we have to be smart about how we spend our days, and I bet you think I have my itinerary all buttoned up already. Well, as usual, it isn't. As much as I may seem like a 'travel expert'...I'm a bit of a wreck before a trip. I get anxious about flying. I overpack. I get in arguments with my husband about my overpacking. I have at least one freak-out in which I say I wish I wasn't even going. But, the itinerary planning is happening today.  I thought I'd bring you along for the ride on how I figure it all out...or try to.
The first thing I do is pull our my Moleskin London Journal, so everything I find online that I like, I immediately put into the book. It's divided by categories, like food, shops, restaurants, hotels...then you can make up your own categories too.
First click: Wee Birdy 
Second click: Babyccino Kids
Fourth click: Travel+Leisure
Fifth click: Indagare
Sixth click: Travel For Kids
I'd love to hear your favorite things to do in London...


  1. I am hoping to do this next summer with my tot. I'd like to go a little longer and hit Ireland and/or Scotland as well. (I am not as brave, and therefore have not traveled internationally with my toddler yet). I love your recommendations for planning!

  2. I loved the aquarium! It was a bit under construction when I was there in October 2008. It's nice because it's by Big Ben, Parliament, and the Eye.