Tuesday, May 25, 2010

London: Papillon Shoes

This was so not a shopping trip for us. First of all, we still have a box of shoes from the Cookie closet giveaway,  and second, we are just trying to be more careful. (I'd rather spend on food and wine and travel.) But after seeing all the amazing children's shoes that our friend's daughter had from Papillon, and hearing their very reasonable prices, I decided we had to check it out, and could possibly buy one pair. Besides the shoes being very cute, I loved that the woman running the store had some kind of certification that she was authorized to fit shoes properly. They also have lots of the shoes now in women's sizes. We bought a lovely pair of tall black boots (just for Clara) for the fall.


  1. Where is this place! We live in London now and I am always searching for good shoe stores for me and my daughter!