Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Best Memorial Day Parade

We've had a place in Sullivan County for nine years now, and go up there as much as we can. But somehow, we never made it to the Memorial Day parade that is a five minute drive from our house, in the sleepy little hamlet of Fremont Center. I thought the Tractor Parade in the town of Callicoon was the best parade (200+ tractors in a 3 block town--it happens on Sunday June 13th I think), but this one, which has been going on for 125 years, takes the cake. It starts at 10am. If you are so inclined to make some last minute plans and come up to Sullivan County for the weekend, my favorite places to suggest are The Golden Guernsey and The Old North Branch Inn. The Old North Branch Inn is really great, but the owner doesn't allow families unless she has no other bookings, which makes it hard for me to recommend. It still is a place that is worth stopping at for lunch or a snack, (she doesn't always have consistent kitchen hours), and seeing her hand-pin bowling alley. If you're interesting in going there, read this piece from the NY Times, which was pretty spot-on in its description. I'll write more about the area tomorrow.

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