Sunday, September 23, 2012

NYC Secret Garden

Yesterday some friends invited us to come to this community garden that they belong to, in the East Village. I've walked by community gardens plenty of times, and longed to get on the other side of the gate, so I couldn't have been more excited to go. This particular garden, which is called 6BC Community Garden (because it's on 6th Street between Avenues B and C), is truly magical. So much so that I would say anyone who is in NYC with their children, between the months of May and October (it's closed the other months), needs to come for a visit. It's open to the public on weekends from 1-4 and on weekdays from 6-8pm. It isn't a typical community garden where there are vegetable garden plots—it has little paths leading to little nooks, places to sit, a couple of tables to even bring a picnic to, a little treehouse...and really, none of the uptight rules that the other gardens I've walked by have. Our friend who belongs to it told us that when it's closed to the public, they have a key, and are able to have dinner picnics inside! I'm so jealous!

(beware of the cat who doesn't like to be messed with!)

Afterwards, all the kids spent about 15 minutes just sliding down the "slides" on the next-door school's steps.

Close by is Sigmund's Pretzels (on Avenue B between 2nd and 3rd Streets), which was a lovely spot to get a treat afterwards. All kinds of pretzels, with all kinds of spreads to dip them into.

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