Thursday, April 28, 2011

We Love Pennsylvania (Part 4)

 I'd never heard of Altoona before. We drove the 30 minutes-ish to get there from Bedford Springs, because some people said it had a great antique center. (Yes, we are a bit sick. Collectors or Hoarders is the name of the reality show we should star in. No, we don't have a store. Yes, we do have a barn, and a storage unit, and we do purge occasionally. No, we aren't rich.) They were right, there was some good antiquing there. But even better, there was an amazing hot dog joint, that Obama went he was campaigning.  And we discovered that it is also home to the Boyer Candy Company, home of the Mallo cup. I'd  never had one before, and it was awesome. We liked the dark chocolate ones the best.
You could buy discount bags of reject candies at the Boyer factory store. We restrained ourselves, barely.

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