Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Always Take the Matches

 The other night I reached for some matches in the kitchen, and realized that our match bowl was in serious need of an edit. What if all of our beloved Gino's matches got used up? (It closed last year.) I spent a couple of minutes sorting through them, and putting the most special ones at the bottom (it's not like we use matches except to re-light our stove, honestly), and had a little transporting moment with each one.

  think this was from a strip joint Matt went to when he had a 12 hour layover in Anchorage. I just like the name.
 Spent many a Conde Nast dollar here. and came here the night that they folded Cookie.
 feel the most grown up whenever I walk into this place. but also imagine the fraud squad is going to whisk me away at any moment.
Always walked by it in my early 20s, finally got to go there in my late 20s. Still my special occasion restaurant.

(p.s.  if you're wondering why the pictures changed in this post, it's because my husband is a secret art director.)


  1. I love this! I find it hard to even find matches anymore!
    Going to Anchorage this summer...something tells me the Bush Company may not be appropriate family entertainment?

  2. I think this is the TWC post I love the most. (The postest with the mostest?) I have been collecting restaurant matchbooks my whole life, too and -- I'll raise you one here -- usually write down the date I ate at the restaurant and who I ate with. It's so sad that we don't see them anymore. Maybe you could convince Bloomberg to bring back smoking in restaurants? That might help...?

  3. The Bush Company? Priceless!
    I keep matchboxes too. I don't smoke and we keep a stove lighter in our kitchen to use if the stove un-ignites or for birthday candles so my matchboxes live in a drawer in the dining room cupboard.
    My boyfriend doesn't get it. I like to have keepsakes.