Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Break Day Trip: Ithaca

Over the break, we took a road trip to Ithaca, and got to see it in its winter glory. The Taughannock Falls were so spectacular, actually way more impressive than in the summertime. We had lunch at Cafe Dewitt in downtown Ithaca, which is always great, and this time we made it to the Ithaca Bakery . Fantastic breads and bagels. 
We walked around the Commons, which was kind of bleak, but did have a little playground. All around downtown is the Sagan Planet Walk , a walking scale model of the solar system. Very cool. 
We drove to Trumansburg (about 10 minutes away from Ithaca) and fell in love with this laundromat there. Completely caught in time.

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  1. we have actually planed to go Ithaca next week and thanks for the wonderful share! Lisa Travelers