Friday, December 3, 2010

Paris Shopping

I could do a week of posts just on the shopping in Paris. It's not so much that I go into the shops to actually buy, since the exchange rate and the prices really make it unaffordable—but I love going into the stores because they are so beautifully and thoughtfully done. Here are some of my favorites from this trip.

The new three level Bonton store in the 3rd on rue des Filles Calvaire, complete with candy bar, hair salon, and book store.
Just down the street from Bonton, another favorite is the concept store Merci . I love their kitchen department the most.
And my favorite stop is the Bonpoint outlet...where you can get deals for 50-80% off, bringing into a range that is somewhat reasonable.
Talc is a line for girls that I love. We bought several pieces when we were there two years ago, and Clara still wears them. Even though the dress is now a shirt, the way the designer cuts them, the clothes grow/evolve with the child. And the price-point is way lower than any of the other Parisian kid designers. In the States you can find Talc at our favorite store, Sweet William. We got lucky and were there the weekend they were having a sample sale.
Although Zef is another favorite, it seems their prices have gone up significantly. The good news is, they also have a surplus store on rue de Richelieu in the 1st, where we found some great deals.
The Bon Marche is such a great store to explore--I love the food market, and I love how they have all of the great Parisian (and other) designers, all in one place. It beats wandering around if it's cold outside. There's also a little park across the street.
Andre is a chain of shoe stores, all their own label. It's pretty cheap. A couple of years ago I got a pair of K Jacques rip-off sandals here for $30, and have gotten endless compliments on them. And they haven't fallen apart. This trip, I got a pair of suede chelsea boots and suede desert boots, each for around $75.
Although I have no pictures of either, I love the chain Princesse Tam-Tam  for their bras, and I discovered a store called Cos in the Marais, that is a very minimal line from H&M. I found several great dresses that look like they should cost alot, and they were all under $100.


  1. What an incredible list you have here!! Makes me dream about saving my pennies for a visit. Thanks for sharing! I absolutely love Merci and will have to add your others for next time :) thank you....

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