Monday, November 29, 2010

A Sunday in Paris

Most shops are closed on Sunday, which means most museums are mobbed, especially when it's super cold outside. Clara's dad is super obsessed with flea markets and antique shops (well actually, any kind of shopping suits him), so I thought we should check out a flea market we'd never been to--the Porte de Vanves one. It was easy to get to--just a block's walk from the metro station--and was really great. Lots of deals and lots of inexpensive finds, and lots of things we'd never seen before. I picked up a little vintage souvenir doll for Clara for 1 euro, although I had passed several stands with them being sold for 20-25. The only mistake of the day was that I had thought the big flea market, Clignancourt, was open on Mondays, and Matt could go there the next day. Well, I guess officially it is, but according to our interior designer friend who owns the apartment we were staying in, Sunday is the day to go. I think I saved us alot of money with that mistake.
Our local pastry shop, Pain de Sucre, which happens to be a destination for many, has maybe the best croissant ever. 
We picked up a vintage book at a library sale last year, called Rosalie The Bird Market Turtle , and it's all about the bird market in Paris. Then we brought the This is Paris book with us on this trip, and it talks about the Sunday bird market too. So we went to see if it's still happening, and it is! Not only were there lovely birds, but also the food they sold for the birds couldn't have been prettier. Huge bunches of dried millet, fresh herbs. Certainly a far cry from Petco.
It really was too cold and wet to enjoy the parks, where normally we could spend an entire day, but with carousels everywhere, we still were able to get in some 'just for Clara' moments. 
The best part of staying in an apartment--being able to make your own cup of tea.

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