Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Normandy Week: Last Day!

One of our favorite memories from this trip was going to the Ducy cidery , and having a tour. The owner of the farm, Renee, was so kind, and spent a solid hour with us, showing us the entire operation. His farm is totally organic, and run entirely by his family, and it's been a family business for over 200 years. He showed us the varieties of trees, holding Clara's hand as we all walked through the orchards. Then we got to taste his cider, juice, and Calvados. Delicious.
Afterwards we went a couple of miles away and checked out a very nice hotel property, the Chateau d'Audrieu. It was very grand, and has an amazing kids' tree house, and play area. But it is in the middle of farm land and you would have to drive at least 15 minutes to get to anywhere. 
These pictures are from our day visiting the American Cemetery, Pointe du Hoc, and Omaha Beach.

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