Monday, October 25, 2010

Brooklyn Weekend

What a great weekend we had staying in town. I hadn't been to our farmer's market in ages and there were such cute amusements for kids I almost felt like I could have been in Paris. Well, maybe that big arch in the background had something to do with it. (Farmer's Market is at Grand Army Plaza on Saturdays, and not only is it at the top of Prospect Park which has loads of great things to do (carousel, zoo, meadow, playgrounds, lovely walking paths), but it's right across from the Brooklyn Public Library, and just down the road is the Brooklyn Botanical Garden).  We also discovered a great place for breakfast or lunch, called Cheryl's, on Underhill, just off of Eastern Parkway, which is a 5 minute walk from any of the above, and has the most delicious pancakes.
 Delicious donuts and hot apple cider from the market
 Organ Grinder Lola and Master Bob let kids have a try...
 Underhill Playground which is like kid utopia--families bring their old toys and leave them there for everyone to play with.
 Clara wanted to wear her kimono to the botanical garden.
 The Patrick Dougherty sculpture exhibition at the BBG is amazing.
 Who knew--the first Children's Garden in the country...

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