Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Idea of Heaven

We always talk about moving upstate, and taking over the bar on the corner of our sleepy road, and turning into a sweet little restaurant. A couple of years ago we were calling that a gastropub, but now that's so overused. Anyway, we never take the leap, but I'm always happy when I get to visit someone who has. On this trip, we were turned on to this restaurant, Casa da Luzi , in the middle of nowhere in the Alps, close to Vals, opened by a former hot-shot Swiss chef, Beat, who moved to the country to get away from traffic and noise, and to open a small restaurant in his home, with four guest rooms above.  It was such a perfect lunch. There was no menu--he just offered us deer liver (his friend had gone hunting the day before) and the most delicious rosti (like hash browns but better--more butter!)...wild mushrooms...and a lovely soup that we started with. For wine he told us to go pick out whatever we wanted from the cellar. A nice example of what we could do in our golden years...

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