Monday, August 9, 2010

Williamsburg Find #2

I had to go to Williamsburg last week to pick up business cards for Momfilter, a lifestyle site for moms that I'm launching in September with Pilar Guzman (we were both at Cookie Magazine--she was the editor and I edited travel and lifestyle). We had to go around lunch time, so I did a little research since I wanted to try something new. I had read about Radish , which is so adorable (large Staub pots filled with stews, gorgeous sandwiches and salads), but there is no seating, and it was too hot to sit outside. Next we looked in at Cafe Colette , and we decided to give it a try. I had a kale Caesar salad, Matt had the fish tacos, and Clara had a fritto misto. Everything was really perfect, even the ice coffee to go (Stumptown Coffee). I really don't know why we can't even one nice place like this in Park Slope.
Here are my other favorites in Williamsburg:

And I'd like to try: 

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  1. I've a frequent reader and I see Clara eating an assortment of foods! How did you get her to be such a GREAT eater?? She doesn't seem picky at all! I'm 22 and well impressed with Clara's pallet, good for her!