Monday, August 2, 2010

Williamsburg Find #1

I've always been a little intimidated by Williamsburg. First of all, even though it's in Brooklyn like we are, it seems to always take at least 20 minutes to drive there, so it has to be really planned event.  Second, even though I know the stereotype of hipsters in skinny jeans and beards isn't entirely fair, too many of them in one place make me feel old and cranky. Recently though we've found ourselves there more often, and found some really great spots, that while not new to a local, are new and exciting to us.  Today I'm posting about the Brook Farm General Store , which is so great, I'd drive 20 minutes to get there, even if there was nothing else around.  They have such a smart edit of products, that I don't see in every other store, and we kept comparing it to destination stores like Manufactum in Munich, or Labour and Wait in London. 

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  1. looks lovely, a store after my own heart! i'm a big fan of manufactum and labour & wait too ... impossible to resist!

    can relate to your thoughts on travel, great insight & resources here, & what a dream job!

    D {moonlighting as a shopkeeper, by day an archaeologist}