Monday, August 23, 2010

Eloise's Bedroom+Amazing Food Court

Last week we went to The Plaza Hotel to check out their new Eloise suite, which Clara absolutely loved and begged to stay in. But skip over this and don't show your kid unless a price tag of around $900 (and that's just for the Eloise suite, which is definitely a kid's room--and I don't think you parents want to sleep on rollaway beds do you?) doesn't intimidate you.  Add in the adjacent room and you're in honeymoon territory, or once-in-a-lifetime kid birthday territory. After the tour, Clara and I were starving, and I decided to check out the new food court on the lower level of the Plaza. At first I was super skeptical, since I couldn't figure out the set-up--it's all bar seating, with lots of different stations. But once we sat down at the Japanese noodle/dumpling station, and a waiter came by to explain it, it was all pretty easy. Here's the deal: it's a European style food market hall with a number of different stations. You get a menu that has the offerings from each (burgers, oysters, sushi, etc) and you can pick something from any one of the stations, and you don't have to be seated at the station you're ordering from. We happened to stick to udon and dumplings, but it's nice to know there are all those options.  Great place to go with picky/difficult friends. The food was quite good, the Pacifico beer was icy,  and the prices were actually decent considering we were in the Plaza, after all.

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