Thursday, June 3, 2010

Rentals Near NYC: Litchfield County Log Cabin

For me to be happy in a hotel or a rental, it needs to be at least 80% right--but what makes up that 80% is a mix of things that aren't necessarily consistent. It could be that property right on the water in the Caribbean, that's $100 a night (included a car), which had crappy beds and sheets, but had the world's best croissant a walk down the billy goat path. Or we could be in a place that has nice sheets but lame furniture, but since we had our friends all there, it didn't matter so much. But since I never know how these things will play out when the experience hasn't yet happened, when I'm looking online for a rental or a hotel, I have to be sold on at least a number of things that lead me to believe that it's going to be great. That said, this rental looks so sweet from the outside, and some rooms look decent. Some less so. What I like about it the most (besides the hot tub on the screened-in porch, which I am a sucker for), is that the listing says it's a short walk from the historic village of Colebrook, which has one of three country general stores left in Connecticut. The village also has a public beach on a lake, and there are four nearby state parks to explore. The property also has its own pond. Now if you get there, and the place needs some editing, you can always do what we do when we find a rental with too many of the owners tchotchkes around--we take a digital picture of the before, put it in a box, and then when we leave we look at our pictures to make sure we put everything back where it was. We've even done this with posters or paintings that we just couldn't look at for a whole weekend or week.

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