Friday, June 11, 2010

I-95 Food Tip

I love collecting tips for places to eat off of major highways. That's when we really need ideas the most-- a good stop can really make the day. Well that and a nice bathroom, and a park with a great playground. In another life, I'd have my own chain of highway gas station/rest stops with a great 24 hour diner (think Farmer's Diner in Vermont), big grassy area that isn't for dogs but for kids to run, a playground, smart to-go food, and an espresso bar. Until that happens, I'll just post when I find something that sounds worth a stop. South of DC off of I 95 , in the town of Occoquan VA, is Mom's Apple Pie Company .  I read about it in Southern Living , and that's where the pictures here come from. Fruit comes from their own farms, and they also make their own breads and cookies in addition to the amazing looking pies. And there's a 400 acre park right there too--the Occoquan Regional Park.
(photos from Jennifer Davick for Southern Living)

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