Saturday, May 22, 2010

London: The Best Playground in the World

I think Clara and I would go to London just to go to the Princess Diana Playground in Kensington Gardens. It is fun, smart, safe, clever, and inspiring. See below:
This is just outside the gates of the playground. There's a cute cafe that has plenty of healthy and organic options for kids and parents.
Just outside the gates, where there is a security guard making sure that no children go in or out without adults, and no adults without children. 
The moment she'd been waiting for--it really was the only thing she talked about from the last trip to London.
The most popular part of the playground. We all agreed that Disney could learn something from this park. Nothing is spoon-fed to kids here. It's all about imagination, physical activity, and trying not to (or trying to) lose your parents.
We were here on a Saturday afternoon, and it was so crowded. We saw a couple of lost kids, but the security just piggy-backed them around the playground until the parents were found. We made a deal with our girls that we would meet at the tipis if we couldn't find each other. There's just so much to do that the kids move so fast from one area to another.
I took this picture because I liked that the dad kept falling asleep, in the middle of all the chaos.
Tunnel that takes kids from the 'pirate' area to the musical garden area.
A more clever (Swiss) version of the FAO Schwarz dancing keyboard.
It's not all chaos--there are also sweet little pathways with super fragrant flowers, and benches to rest on.
Even the foot washing faucet is well designed.
The bathroom entrance, which also has a nurses office.
Even on a sunny Saturday in London, towards the end of the day, the bathroom still was well maintained.


  1. What a magical playground! All 3 of my boys would love this...

  2. this newish park near Harvard Sq. (cambridge, ma) very neat too