Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweden Week: Day 4

As promised, I am doubling up on my posts today.  I was discussing with my friends how expensive Stockholm can be, and a smart way to cut down on the biggest cost is to rent an apartment, or to do a home exchange.  Check out this apartment I just found on Home Exchange:
And look at this one!
Okay, this is my last one...but I could keep going...there are so many good ones.  The thing you have to know to look for is when they (the family who has the house/apartment you like) want to travel, and if they need to do it at the same time as you need to.  Home Exchange costs around $10 a month to join, and then you can start emailing with the owners. Now, if I have this wrong at all, let me know...because I am just reading that off the site--I haven't actually done an home exchange myself.  I have a friend who does it all the time, and has never had a bad experience, with people in her house, or in the homes they've stayed in. I am thinking that I need to look into this for a late August trip to Greece!
Here's the last listing for the night!

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