Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Spring Break Idea: St. Pete Florida

I loved this Sunday's piece in the NY Times by Jane Margolies, on last minute winter getaways. She had tons of great ideas, but the one I immediately looked into is the new Postcard Inn in St. Pete.  It looks perfect.  It's right on the beach (Gulf Coast--which usually has the prettiest blue, calmer water), has a pool, and a Wildwood BBQ & Burger restaurant. The property is a former 1957 Travelodge, and they redid it in a smart way--it seems modern, not fussy...just what you want if you are looking to stay in sandy flip-flops all day.  Even better, it's cheap.  For a room that has two queen beds, it's under $200 a night.  And it's a half hour from Tampa, so there are plenty of direct flights there. I think I have to get there fast...I haven't had a sunny warm day since October.

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